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Barbecue and outdoor heating units

Poêles et Foyers Futuristes has everything you need in order to extend your summer season, enjoy the outdoors and fire up your taste buds with succulent barbecue through affordable, high-performing heaters and grills.

Barbecues of all types

Choose the exact barbecue or smoker that suits your needs from a selection of quality models that range from gas, pellet or charcoal-operated units.

Saber brand BBQ | Poêles et Foyers Futuristes
Exterior fireplace | Poêles et Foyers Futuristes

Accessories that help heat up the outdoors

Extend your summer by installing an outdoor fireplace, a radiant heater or a suspended gas furnace. Visit our showroom for real-time, functional demonstrations and explore the many ways you can upgrade your outdoor space this year.