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A team of professionals at your service

No matter the scope of your project, we’ll help you get things done. Need help properly choosing what’s right for you? Perhaps you’ll need financing (Accord D), proper installation, maintenance service or repair? We want you to enjoy your investment and we’re dedicated to helping you from the moment you ask us, to when you’re finally enjoying the warmth and the beauty of your stove, fireplace or barbecue at home.

Our strength: heating your interior

Our installation team offers personalized advice for safe and appropriate installation. Their expertise is supported by CMMTQ and RBQ, plus Poêles et Foyers Futuristes is a member of APC.

Propane gas service | Poêles et Foyers Futuristes

Yearly check-ups and repair for your stove or fireplace

Gas-operated units are low maintenance yet it’s important that a certified specialist conduct yearly check-ups and maintenance of your unit. By doing this, you’ll avoid expensive repair costs, extend its lifespan and save energy through proper burner adjustments.

If you have any issues with your unit, a qualified technician can help with any product we carry.

Propane gas service

Poêles et Foyers Futuristes is owned by Gaz Pétrole Charbonneau, a company that specializes in gas-operated installations of all kinds as well as propane gas service with reservoir rentals and home delivery.

One of very few retailers that can offer this full service with regards to purchasing, installing and servicing propane gas units, this is highly appreciated by our clients, making their lives simpler and more efficient.

Propane gas delivery | Poêles et Foyers Futuristes