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Our selection of stoves and fireplaces

Gas fireplaces: sleek and modern design, just for you.

It is possible to find a gas fireplace that’s reliable efficient AND also elegant and easy to use. The Poêles et Foyers Futuristes team has selected the finest collection of gas-operated products that include stoves, fireplaces and built-in units. Modern and beautifully designed, we have a model that perfectly suited to your needs.

Wood-burning stoves or fireplaces: want the real thing?

Nothing is more comforting than a true wood-burning stove. Our collection offers a wide range of wood-burning fireplaces, stoves and built-in units, all perfectly suited for interior spaces. Affordable and functional, big or small, we have options for all types of homes. From sumptuous, luxurious living spaces to a small basement stove, we have what it takes and regardless, your unit will always offer a unique, classique or modern design.

Also, we propose products that meet the CAN / CSA-B415.1 standard for solid fuel burning appliances. Our team members are well informed on the specific fireplace performance rules for the island of Montreal and surrounding districts. Whether you choose to install a wood fireplace that meets the latest standards or are contemplating the conversion to a propane insert, our team is eager to provide you with sound advice on the purchase and installation of the perfect appliance for years to come…

Pellet stoves; an environmental choice

Environmentally speaking, pellet stoves are greener than their wood-burning ancestors. They are simpler to use, have higher combustion and are more efficient than traditional fireplaces and stoves. In fact, with a 78 to 87% combustion rate, they are the cleanest residential combustion solution available on the market.

Ethanol or electric fireplaces : modern and warm

Electric fireplaces and their ethanol counterparts are considered to be mostly decorative. Although they provide soothing, they’re mostly appreciated for the esthetic value to add to a room. Installation is easy, shapes are increasingly modern and their design is often more daring. They’re mostly chosen in order to add style and novelty to a room or apartment. Regardless of where they’re added, they’ll add warmth to any space.